Peanut & Piglet

Ferkel Stillkissen Ersatzabdeckung

Eine Ersatzhülle für Ihr Zwillingsstillkissen kann sehr praktisch sein, wenn Ihre Ferkel nicht warten können, bis die Wäsche vor dem nächsten Füttern fertig ist.

Bitte checken Sie aus und klicken Sie auf Ihr Ziel, um die Versandkosten zu ermitteln.

Wir Schiff dorthin, wo unsere Ferkel und ihre Eltern uns brauchen! Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Ihr Ziel nicht an der Kasse erscheint, um ein Angebot zu erhalten.

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Williams
Almost perfect!

I am a new mum of twins (now 8 weeks old) and like most mums, have been on a journey with breastfeeding. Twin #1 loved it and has been happy to breastfeed since day 1, and just needed some help getting a good latch. Twin #2 was tongue tied, and took 6 weeks until he could latch properly. This was the beginning of me attempting a number of tandem feeding positions - and the rugby ball is the only one I've had any success with so far. The cushion is almost perfect, the only thing that I wish was different would be if it was slightly higher at the edges (on the two long sides) so that the babies had a lower chance of rolling off. I'm starting to get the hang of it now, but it was quite stressful initially as I wasn't very competent with the position and meant I used each arm to support the respective baby, and wasn't able to help them latch or read etc.

Vicki Massey
Breastfeeding pillow

The pillow is very comfortable and makes feeding twins so much easier. The service I got from peanut & piglet was first rate

Nicky Ogden
Spare cover Peanut and Piglet

Cover very colourful and very snug fit. Difficult to put on/off from foam cushion.

Lucie Martinol

Piglet Breastfeeding Pillow Spare Cover

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