Peanut & Piglet

Ferkel Twin Wickeltasche

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Peanut & Piglet haben eine tolle Wickeltasche für Zwillingseltern mit vollen Händen kreiert! Unsere Mehrzweckwindeltasche besteht aus hochwertigem (abwischbarem) Baumwolltuch und bietet die folgenden Eigenschaften:

  • 3 Arten zu tragen, um Ihre Hände frei zu halten: Rucksack, über den Körper, Haltegriffe
  • Mehrere Taschen für Erdnuss- oder Ferkelartikel
  • 2 leicht erreichbare Getränkehalter, unverzichtbar für Zwillinge
  • Versteckte Tasche für Telefon und Schlüssel mit elastischem Schlüsselbund
  • Größer als eine normale Wickeltasche
  • Wischen Sie sauber und wasserdicht
  • und natürlich eine Wickelauflage - unverzichtbar!

Die Taschenabmessungen sind 34 cm breit, 38 cm hoch und 16 cm tief am Taschenboden.

Das Fassungsvermögen beträgt 18 Liter.

Bitte checken Sie aus und klicken Sie auf Ihr Ziel, um die Versandkosten zu ermitteln.

Wir Schiff dorthin, wo unsere Ferkel und ihre Eltern uns brauchen! Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Ihr Ziel nicht an der Kasse erscheint, um ein Angebot zu erhalten.

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte McKenn
Great product - love this bag - high quality

This changing bag is absolutely excellent!
The quality and material are second to none.
This is really a 5 star review but 4 as I feel the company could make it even better with a few little extras.

I love the two bottle/cup holders they are nice and spacious and I can fit two small bottles in each if you top and tail them, sometimes with ready mixed to go that is hot to be used when out and about and the Spare empty ones - they could have insulation material added to them to keep things hot or cold as an improvement.

The bag is a really decent size and probably bigger than my friends singleton change bags - I still feel like it could be a little bigger for twins without taking away from design and wearability. By the time you get two spare vest and grows in it you are running out of a little space after your essentials and usually I like to have two spare sets for each twin (incase of poonamies) so can be a tight squeeze after changing mat, baby wipes, multiple nappies, a couple of muslin squares, some toys and my purse.
With having these essential items, I do find I can’t zip it up most of the time as it gets narrower at the top to accommodate the backpack style. (This could just be me taking too much but when your out for the day more space is always good)

The changing mat. - I LOVE THE CHANGING MAT!!!! It is all the perfect material, super wipeable, easy one hand folding, the mat even heats up with your babies body heat to keep them warm. What a genius invention. I only wish you sold them as an individual item! I would have one in my car for spare and in my nappy caddy in the house, as you will know being a twin mama having the nappy bag ready and packed for the next outing is essential so don’t want to be leaving the mat behind because of baby brain. I really do rate this mat.

All the straps and handles are fantastic really good material and durable. My only suggestion for these would be for the rucksack straps to have have two little slots you can place them through the top of the pocket they can be stored in from the inside to the outside so you can use the zip compartment as another storage space when in rucksack mode.

The metal work and zips are super durable and really strong, no worries about them breaking.

The designs are nice and distinctive to go with the P&P brand but also options of plain black, grey or blue maybe an option in future as it is more versatile and could be more unisex. I didn’t really think of my husband when purchasing as those options were not there but I think he would have appreciated a more muted design.

The pockets inside are great the fact you can divide all your things up into the different section. Small suggestion to add another popper to each compartment again for security and to keep the pocket tighter to the side of the bag.

The designs gives it the feeling of being a Mary Poppins bag as when you go into it, you definitely have more space than what it looks like due to it’s sleek design.

I have twins who are currently 6 months old but 3 months corrected. This bag has helped me through 3 months of hospital and now another 3 on the go with the boys so has already been put through it’s paces and probably has a lifetime of use still to go.

The designer has really thought about everything you need and for the price it is excellent value for money and I would even advise singleton mums and dads to get one even though it’s technically advertised for twin parents.

This is a high quality bag, you really do get what you pay for
Thank you P&P for this bag and the mat they are really great! Keep up the good work and I hope my feedback has been helpful for everyone. :)

Absolutely love!!

Love this bag, currently only have the one little one whos 8 months, but also expecting no. 2 so will have 2 under 1. This will be more than big enough for the pair of them, love all the different sections makes finding stuff so much easier. Great material and design. Quick delivery. No issues with this product at all.

Samantha Brand
Christmas present

Hi, my son and his partner were delighted with the bag x excellent product

Louise D

Love it!! Plenty of room to carry everything and looks lovely! Very versistle, it can be clipped on the buggy, worn across the body, over the shoulder and as a back pack... Perfect!

Vytaute K
Good quality

A beautiful bag, that feels like it's also a very good quality too. Twins haven't arrived yet so can't say from practical experience but I'm sure it will be great!

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