Peanut & Piglet

Spot Twin Wickeltasche


Peanut & Piglet haben eine tolle Wickeltasche für Zwillingseltern mit vollen Händen kreiert! Unsere Mehrzweckwindeltasche besteht aus hochwertigem (abwischbarem) Baumwolltuch und bietet die folgenden Eigenschaften:

  • 3 Arten zu tragen, um Ihre Hände frei zu halten: Rucksack, über den Körper, Haltegriffe
  • Mehrere Taschen für Erdnuss- oder Ferkelartikel
  • 2 leicht erreichbare Getränkehalter, unverzichtbar für Zwillinge
  • Versteckte Tasche für Telefon und Schlüssel mit elastischem Schlüsselbund
  • Größer als eine normale Wickeltasche
  • Wischen Sie sauber und wasserdicht
  • und natürlich eine Wickelauflage - unverzichtbar!

Die Taschenabmessungen sind 34 cm breit, 38 cm hoch und 16 cm tief am Taschenboden.

Das Fassungsvermögen beträgt 18 Liter.

Bitte checken Sie aus und klicken Sie auf Ihr Ziel, um die Versandkosten zu ermitteln.

Wir Schiff dorthin, wo unsere Ferkel und ihre Eltern uns brauchen! Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Ihr Ziel nicht an der Kasse erscheint, um ein Angebot zu erhalten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Margaret Rogers
Perfect bag (not just for twin mummies!)

We are the proud owners of this bag and we love it! I’m not actually a twin mum (even though I have enough stuff for 2 packed in it!!) but I was searching for a replacement nappy bag and came across this. I love the design of the bag but the main reason I chose it was because it easily transforms from a shoulder bag into a backpack, which was what I was looking for.

I was worried it might be too big but compared to my old nappy bag it actually feels smaller whilst holding more! It’s so well designed with all the useful compartments and I especially love the little quick access key and purse zip up pocket. The fact it’s waterproof is another massive tick. The backpack feature is great when I’m out with my baby in the sling / carrying baby in the car seat. However I also find it just as useful when doing the nappy change when I’m out and about - not having to worry about a heavy bag slipping off my shoulder whilst carrying my baby. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Emily B
Beautiful bag

Beautiful bag, I am so pleased we decided to go for this one! I have a toddler and another baby on the way and it is the perfect size to fit 2 of everything in. The fact it converts to a backpack so easily is amazing and the quality is really good. Would highly recommend!

Jen P
Ticked all the boxes

I've been looking for the perfect changing bag that would accommodate everything for twins but didn't look 'mumsy'. I also wanted a bag that I could carry as a rucksack. This one ticked all the boxes. It arrived quickly and the first thing that struck me was the excellent quality and how robust it felt. There is plenty of storage (2 compartments inside for each twin) and comfortable to carry. Can't wait to use it when my babies arrive!

Delyth Jones
Lovey size

A lovely sized twin changing bag of good quality material

Tara M
I should have bought this sooner!

I should have bought this sooner! My twins are now 18 months old and I ve been struggling with a nappy bag that just wasn t designed to accommodate two of everything. Not only does this bag have enough room for two sets of clothes and shoes, double the nappies, food and bottles, along with a few small board books and toys, but also has a little zip pocket for MY things: keys, mobile, tissue pack, lip balm, hand lotion-- with a zip accessible OUTSIDE of the main compartment! Yes! But most of all it is water resistant!!! Hooray! No more damp rice cake snacks or having to put everything in resealable plastic bags. The backpack straps are essential (I always seem to have a twin in each arm) and I wouldn t have purchased this bag without this feature. The only downside is that you can t zip up the back pocket that holds the backpack straps once the straps are clipped in place. Otherwise, I love this bag. The real test will be this Christmas traveling long-haul on two different flights!

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