It is possible to have twins and have a life!

Am I mad? Twins, launching a business, holding down a sensible job, trying to be a good wife….

Some people, many people, have said I am mad. In fact, I know that I am a bit mad, but it seems that I just can not sit still. 

​​My twins

When I got pregnant with Peanut & Piglet I thought, this is it! This is my time to sit back and relax, discover day time TV and eat cake. Boy was I wrong. I did not quite realise that I was about to have 2 babies and that they would not understand that I may want to sit down, or go to the loo, or have a drink of water (tea not even being an option). They would have no idea that I had once been in control, had a life, travelled the world, dined in nice restaurants without a thought as to the time or how I would get home. 

As it turned out, when my babies arrived they thought that I solely existed to feed them, wash them, clothe them and wipe Peanut's ever flowing snot trail. That was all they knew, and I could not let it be all that I knew. And so I madly thought that I would launch a business. I knew there were twin mummies out there who help tandem feeding their twins and I wanted to give it to them. 


Launching Peanut & Piglet...

And so whenever my adorable little wriggling, mischievous twins fell asleep I worked. I sought advice, built a website, designed and tested The Piglet Pillow and most importantly begged my husband to support me in my venture. He was on board from the beginning, however his wallet was not! Once his wallet was prized open I was off the starting blocks and the real work began, bringing my brand to life and helping other twin mummies.

The sensible job

Of course, as I mentioned previously, I am a bit mad! Therefore twins and a business are not enough. I wanted a proper job, I wanted to leave the house, have a hot drink, put some nice clothes on. I was not ready to leave the world of fashion behind me and so took on a part time consultancy role. I love the freedom, feeling like I am knowledgable about something and talking to adults about topics other than poo, wee and sleep (come on mummies, admit it, we all do it). The part time bit is the key. All mums will know that the work life balance is basically impossible, but with a part time opportunity being offered to me I could at least have a go at getting the balance. As it happens, my sensible job is the best thing I could have done, I get a few days a week of sanity AND get paid for it!


Trying to be a good wife

And now onto my poor, poor husband. I really do try to keep the house in something that resembles order, ensure he is fed and make sure everyone is happy. This is not easy and I am afraid ironing is just one step too far! I have cried, laughed, shouted and badgered my husband for 5 years now and he continues to put up with me.  We all love him more than ever and want to say a massive thank you! XXX