How to safely use the Piglet Pillow

Your babies health and wellbeing is the reason the Piglet Twin Feeding Pillow was designed. Therefore please take a moment to consider our breastfeeding tips and using our cushion safely.

Using our cushion will help you regain your life whilst giving your piglets the best possible start. However, whilst the cushion is in use you are responsible for your babies and your own wellbeing.

  • Never use your Twins Feeding Cushion when there is a possibility you may fall asleep.
  • Always ensure a protective arm is keeping your babies secure on the cushion. Not that you will be able to stop yourself cuddling them!
  • Ensure your babies' limbs are not likely to become entangled in the back support's handle.
  • Only intended for use as demonstrated in our online graphics.
  • Take care when moving babies on and off your cushion; seek assistance if necessary.