A Breastfeeding Pillow Offering great support

When Peanut & Piglet were born it was virtually impossible to breastfeed comfortably. A cushion was needed that promoted the perfect latch and breastfeeding position. And so, the Piglet Pillow was born, to make tandem feeding easier for all twin mums.


The Changing Bag

The twins are nearly 3 , but still QUITE a handful. I knew the criteria for the ultimate changing bag. Hands-free, wipe-clean and pockets, pockets pockets!


New prints

New prints across the pillow and the changing bags to ensure that Peanut & Piglet products would be perfect for everyone.


All grown up

Peanut and Piglet are all grown up. The brand continues to be committed to helping twin mums worldwide with their twin breastfeeding journey. We ship to wherever a twin mum needs us.


Helping all mums breastfeed

After feedback from many mums of twins & mums of single babies, we realised our pillow can help all nursing mums. We started evolving to reach mums struggling after C-sections, those with bad backs, or any mum needing a highly supportive nursing pillow.