Peanut and Piglet family

Peanut and Piglet were born at the end of 2013, some time ago now. Taking our tiny Piglets home was a longed for and happy time, we slowly began to adjust to our new lives.  The biggest challenges we faced were breastfeeding and sleep deprivation!  It soon became obvious that in order to accomplish anything during the day and sleep at night I had to find a way to breastfeed two babies at the same time.  After all I had two babies and two boobies; surely this should be easy? The major question was, how do you breastfeed twins and how do you feed twins by yourself?

As I endlessly sat in a precarious positions nursing my babies, trying to achieve the best latch position, I knew there must be a better way to tandem feed twins. Why was there not a U shaped twin feeding cushion available that supported my upper back, sat me in the correct position and enabled my Piglets to stay put? And so, in the middle of the night, I began to create the ultimate twin breastfeeding pillow. Soon after our Piglet Breastfeeding Pillow was created, nurtured, redesigned, tested and delivered!  

As our Piglets grow I am loving finding new products to design and my ideas are constantly evolving.  We are expanding and adding new products all the time. Peanut & Piglet products are designed for twins, by a twin mum.  Everything we do is made with love and we only use the highest quality components / fabrications.

With Love, Emma xxx