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Twin Breastfeeding Pillow


Our breastfeeding pillow for twins was designed by a twin mum, for twin mums. It was created to support both mother and her twins as they feed, in a comfortable breastfeeding position.  

It comprises of two parts:

  • The U shaped cushion for your babies to lie on. It has supports at the rear to keep the cushion horizontal and keep your babies in place (with a little cuddle).

  • The back support sits you comfortably in an upright position. You will find that this is an essential part of tandem feeding twins.  The back support also enables your piglets to grow. At about 5 months, it can be turned side ways. This will create support whilst sitting you forward and ensuring your babies are not kicking the sofa back.  

Our pillow is made from 100% brushed cotton. It is very soft and comfortable for both mum and babies. It is machine washable and spare covers can also be purchased to ensure your pillow is never out of action.

Not just for twins! Many singleton mums who have had C section deliveries have found the pillow has allowed them to overcome their breastfeeding problems and  comfortably feed their Piglet whilst recovering from their operation. It goes without saying that our cushion is perfect for breastfeeding twins after a c section.

Breastfeeding twin mums will find that the pillow supports their babies in the perfect latch position. However, our nursing pillow can also be used to bottle feed babies when required.

Breastfeeding twins in tandem

  • The Piglet Nursing Pillow is perfect for breastfeeding twins. It has been designed to enable the best breastfeeding position possible; for both mother and babies.
  • The height of the cushion will ensure your babies achieve the perfect latch position. 
  • The back support enables you to be supported lean back without disturbing your Piglets feed.
  • With unique rear supports the U shape cushion will keep your babies horizontal. Without these your piglets will slide backwards!

How do you breastfeed twins?

Feeding newborn twins is not easy, but it is possible with our cushion, some patience and by not putting pressure on yourself. Remember that fed is best.

  • Gather all items required. Water, nipple cream, IPad, biscuits...
  • Place your Piglets on opposite sides of the sofa / bed (not too near the edge!).
  • Place the back support in position.
  • Sit down & get comfortable, leaning against the back support. Bottom right up against the base so you are sitting up straight.
  • Place the U shaped cushion closely around you. If you are lucky enough to have a small tummy, turn the back support side ways so that you are leaning on the skinny edge, this will close the gap.
  • Now you are set. Pick up and load on your first Piglet into the rugby ball position. This is where the babies feet point towards the sofa back (please see image). Get baby one latched on and drinking. The Piglet Pillow is very stable and so said Piglet won't wobble off easliy. 
  • Next, pick up Piglet two and get him settled and latched. If Piglet one becomes unlatched during the process, then continue with Piglet 2 and get him settled. Once Piglet 2 is latched then go back and re latch your first Piglet.
  • You are now all in place, cuddled, comfortable and tandem breastfeeding. 
  • Wash at 30 Degrees
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Low iron
  • Do not bleach
  • The internal cushion is not washable but can be wiped clean.
  • Please do no expose internal cushion to sunlight as discolouration can occur.
  • Our Piglet Cushion reaches all EU child safety regulations and furnishing fire safety regulations.
  • Our Piglet Pillow is made from hypo-allergenic foam.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Alison Lunn
Just the ticket twin pillow

Very useful pillow and already being used to full capacity. Bought for my daughter who is delighted with it. The company has excellent communication and was very helpful.

kelly hooper
Nice looking pillow.

Not had a chance to use this yet as the babies aren’t due for another 2 weeks but I’m hoping it will do the job. It is very expensive for a pillow plus you have to pay delivery charges on top but people seem to swear by this pillow so I’m happy to pay if it will make breastfeeding easier.

Jekaterina Cudnova
Good pillow

High enough so I don't have to bend forward. I like the fact that it is firm. I wish there was more power back support. Babies tend to fall into the gap between me and the pillow. I wish the sides were wider so it is possible to rest my arms with no pressure on babies.

Heather Hooisma
it was worth the wait.

both me and baby love our cushion, it offers unique support for disabled mums (as well as mums of twins)

Caroline Murphy
P&P pillow

Not yet used as babies haven’t arrived but looks good! Shame there isn’t a handle on the main pillow, only on the back rest square section. Would have been handy for helping to carry it around! Other than that I’m sure it’ll do the job just fine.

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