​As a mummy of 6 month old twins, going out is a bit of a mission and usually consists of us taking out 2 big bags! One for bottles, food (now they're weaning!) and everything that comes with that! And another general changing bag and all that contains... MY lovely mummy (after me mentioning this amazing website) bought me the P&P changing bag, actually for Christmas but being so lovely, she let me have it early well it's made my life 100% easier and lighter!!! Everything I had in 2 bags fits perfectly into this amazing bag, it has so many pockets, inside and out. It makes for really easy organising! Even carrying the bag is lighter work, it contains the contents of 2 bags but genuinely feels lighter. The changing mat is fab, it's a great size and so padded but folds up perfectly and fits neatly inside all in all it's just the perfect accessory for any mummy of multiples and worth every penny 10/10 from an extremely happy customer