Laura R, London

After much research I purchased the Piglet Pillow on the basis of the reviews I'd seen and to be honest it has exceeded my expectations. The pillow has enabled us to tandem feed with ease which has probably made the difference in continuing breastfeeding. There is ample room for the twins and it's the perfect height for them to latch. While the pillow initially seemed huge I love that the size means that if one twin finishes before the other they can be propped up for burping or interacting with mummy while the other continues feeding. I find it easy to use both on the sofa and in bed and the back support is particularly welcome. I love the design of the fabric which makes it a lot more fun than other pillows on the market. Delivery was much quicker than I had expected (a blessing as the twins also arrived early!) & I received regular updates from Emma. As a family we would be lost without the Piglet Pillow so I cannot recommend it highly enough!