Are you ready for twins?

I assume that you are reading this because you are expecting twins or because you have already been blessed with two little bundles of naughtiness and mischief. Whether the former or the latter, take our test to see how ready you are.

Answering YES to all the below indicates that you are in fact ready! It turns out that I am still not ready and don’t think I ever will be... In fact I can truthfully answer NO to questions 1-9.

1. Are you prepared for sleep deprivation akin to being awake for 3 days solid?

2. Have you cancelled ALL dates in the diary for the foreseeable future?

3. When you do at last leave the house, are you ready for it to be a military operation that takes at least 2 hours, an argument and probably tears?

4. Are you ready for well meaning passers by to say “Double trouble” at every corner? Or even worse, “Are they natural?!"

5a. Have you barricaded off the rooms in your home that are precious to you?

  b. Oh dear, clearly you haven’t accepted that nothing can be precious ever again!

6. Will using the phrase, “Please can you pass the wipes” in every paragraph be socially acceptable for you? Now in our house shouting, “WIPES” is all that is required. 

7. Are endless primary colours and ear shattering musical toys acceptable in your home?

8. Is having food on the walls normal?

9. Are you ready to refer to your husband as Daddy, even when the children are in bed?!

10. Are you ready to love your little terrors so much that you kiss them constantly and want to squidge them so tight that it could actually hurt them?

With love, Peanut & Piglet’s Mummy, who would not change them for the world, but would love a hot cuppa. XXX