Breastfeeding Twins

I was recently interviewed about exclusively breastfeeding twins by Nutrimum, the brand that produces cereal bars fortified with key nutrients for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Read on for the full article... 

Emma Morrissey, 35, lives with her husband Andrew, 38, and 19-month-old twins Florence and George. She reveals how she got to grips with breastfeeding twins, and where she got the idea to start her own business 

'I was the only mum-to-be expecting twins in my NCT (National Childbirth Trust) group. At the breastfeeding session I was given two dolls to practise with, while the other women each had one. We all laughed, but I remember thinking: "Wow I don’t have any hands free, how am I going to cope with this?" I felt daunted but determined because of the advantages of breastfeeding – I wanted to give my babies a good start.

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​Emma's breastfeeding tips for twins

  • Have quick and filling snacks to hand – I ate crackers and cereal bars
  • Guzzle water – breastfeeding makes you very thirsty, so it’s vital to stay well hydrated
  • Gather essentials before you feed – because you could be there for a while! I made sure I had the remote, mobile, breast pads, nipple cream, water and a magazine to hand
  • Stock up on nipple cream and apply after every feed. Some creams are available on prescription, so it's worth checking
  • Establish a routine and stick to it. I would fit one baby around the other – so if George was still asleep when Florence was ready for a feed, then I would wake George up for a feed, too

14 August 2015. Words by Jo Wheatley.