What to expect for a weekend away with twins

Oh dear, an eventful weekend at Granny's....

It was a beautiful summer’s weekend and we decided to take a trip to the seaside to see Granny and Grandad.  After 2 hours of packing, re-packing, unpacking due to a missing water bottle, repacking again and packing the car we were off!  How lovely to get away and see the family.

Upon arrival we had two very smelly babies who were oozing poo.  Poor Granny was already in anti bac overdrive…

Next Peanut & Piglet showed much appreciation for Granny’s lasagne by smearing it everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, they loved it, but their wriggles of excitements and yelps of delight sent the tomato sauce heading for the walls.  Poor Granny.

Soon it was bedtime.  After their beloved “In the Night Garden” and a chorus of songs from all (except Grandad of course) off they went.  The usual activities occurred:- throwing all items out of the cot, undressing down to nappies and general peels of laughter.  Eventually they settled down. Granny then provided true Granny skills by sewing up x2  grobags hence closing off all routes to nakedness. Genius.

And then the next morning came.  A rare morning of silence.  Total bliss!  We adults had breakfast together without toast and fruit being strewn across the kitchen.  By 9am we were thinking this is all very odd, silence is not normal.  And so Granny went to check on the little people.  Oh.  My.  Word! Poor Granny and Grandad.  As they opened their study door devastation become apparent.  Peanut was sitting at Granny’s computer with her pooey nappy half off.  Piglet was emptying her drawers! No one knew how or when they had leapt from their cots, but boy had they ransacked the study and fully investigated every corner…

That evening Granny went back to the drawing board and completely baby proofed the grobags. They have not escaped since. Or dared look at Granny.

We love you Granny! X