The dos and do nots of tandem feeding twins

This is an interesting checklist that took 6 months of perseverance to compile: 
Here are the dos...
DO - Guzzle water continuously. Drink, drink, drink.Those Piglets will suck you dry!
DO - Buy vast amounts of nipple cream. You will need more nipple cream than nappies! Peanut & Piglets Granny was scouring Suffolk at 7am one winter morning for this precious ointment. My tube of Lansinoh was later found in a shoe?!
DO - Buy The Piglet Breastfeeding Pillow. This will ensure you get your life back quicker whilst supporting you and your piglets.
DO - Get everything you need within reach. Water, phone, tablet, remote control, nipple cream, breast pads! My poor husband was fetching me items for 6 months. When I was alone I could have cried without my water to hand. The thirst was worse than that of a heavy duty hangover. What are those again??
DO - Wake sleeping twin when non sleeping twin needs feeding. A controversial statement and only my opinion, but this guarantees you at least 30 minutes sleep before someone is up. Again.
DO - Get yourself some twin mummies friends who have babies that same age and get on WhatsApp. This is essential, right girls? You know who you are.
DO - Your best. It is all you can do. If you need to express, give formula, take a break that is ok. You are only human. Actually you are super human as you grew 2 babies at once. Well done you!
DO - Enjoy growing your babies and turning them into tubby little germ fighting piglets. It may not feel like it but it is only for a short time and you will look back upon this time with a roll of the eyes and a fond smile.
Ok and now for the do not’s...
DO NOT - Think of your boobies as anything other than milk machines, this will only end in disappointment.
DO NOT - Plan to achieve anything during feeding time. Unless it is online shopping, I was highly successful at this. My twin buddy Izzy significantly boosted Amazon sales during her tandem feeding, hormonal rampages at 2am.
DO NOT - Fall asleep. The one thing you really want to do but can’t. Ever.
DO NOT - Drink. Yes, another fun activity that is off the agenda for the time being. Can a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's replace the joys of a bottle of wine? It did for Izzy.
DO NOT - Wear anything without buttons. This was tough. I mourned my pre babies wardrobe. Oh how I dreamt of Whistles dresses, heels and a small clutch. Sob sob.

Not that I would change a thing… With Love Peanut & Piglets adoring mummy. X