How to tandem breastfeed twins (without udders)...

Have you every felt like you should have udders?! I know I have. Here is a step by step guide to talk you through tandem breastfeeding. I hope it helps.

  • Gather all items required. Especially water!
  • Refer to 'the do's and do not's of tandem feeding twins'
  • 'Place your Piglets at opposite sides of the sofa / bed (not too near the edge!).
  • Put the back support in position.
  • Sit down & get comfortable, leaning against the back support. Place the U shaped cushion Piglet Pillow around you, close to your body.
  • Now you are set. Pick up and load on your first Piglet into the popular rugby ball position. This means your babies feet will point towards the sofa back. Get him latched on and drinking (whilst baby two is still on the sofa). 
  • Next reach for Piglet two. Don't despair if baby one comes unlatched, continue loading baby two into the rugby position and get him settled and suckling. After baby two is latched return to baby one if needs be.
  • You are now all in place, cuddled, comfortable and tandem breastfeeding. 
  • Simple hey??! Please do persevere. Breastfeeding is not easy, let alone tandem feeding. Practise will pay off in the long run and will save you time. Well done for getting this far. 

The Piglet Feeding pillow is perfect for breastfeeding twins in tandem. It has been designed with the required dimensions for the perfect latch. 
  • The height of the cushion will ensure your babies are at the correct suckling position. 
  • The back support enables you to lean back without disturbing your Piglets. 
  • With unique rear supports the U shape cushion will keep your babies horizontal. Without these your piglets will slide backwards at a 45 degree angle!