Agneszka, London

​The piglet pillow enabled me to breastfed my twins simultaneously. It would absolutely not be possible without the piglet pillow as breastfeeding  was problematic from the very beginning. I wish I purchased it earlier (I did when my twins were 3 weeks old) as it would save me a lot of stress when twins had to be fed at the same time. I can honestly say that this was "must have" for me and this was one of those things without which I would simply stop breastfeeding. The piglet pillow was very comfortable for me and my twins as it was high enough for them to nurse easily and for me not to bend my back. Additionally it looks cool so it could just stand next to the sofa in the living room.

I used the pillow until my twins reached 3 months. It was hard to use it later on when they were bigger as sides of the pillow were quite narrow and had no bump at the edge. So when I put one baby and reached for the second (I needed both hands to take the second baby), the one on the pillow almost rolled off.

Overall I would highly recommend the piglet pillow to any mum of twins who are 0-3 months old. It is a "must have" to kick off parallel feeding and looks great too.