Caroline, London

​I can honestly say that I think the pillow has been the difference between breastfeeding the girls and not. They are now 6 weeks old. 
At first I was a bit sceptical when Stephen showed it to me online as it seemed quite a lot of money but we decided to go ahead and get it anyway. I had spent a day or two fighting w normal pillows, v-pillows and so on but the twins kept slipping down and falling between the cracks.  What I like about the pillow is that all three of us are comfy throughout the feed. I can use the pillow with no one else to help me and can lie one girl on one side while I cuddle/wind or sort the other one out. If I lift one up to wind, the pillow doesn't lose its shape. They are able to look at each other while feeding and I can give them gentle prods if they go to sleep. The back cushion is very good support too. Also, I can sit hands free (like I am doing now) and do other things - drink,eat, hold books/magazines/phone) - while the girls feed. I also flip the curved pillow round and put the smaller pillow on top to make an armchair to feed the girls at the same time using bottles. I haven't learned to feed the girls with bottles using it in the conventional way yet. The girls like looking at the pigs while I sort one or other of them out. 

I would definitely recommend it to other people and have done so already. The pillow does need to be made of the firm material as it gets sat on and squashed quite a lot by me, my husband and our other children. My only slight concern is that is might splay a bit after a few months. At the moment I just tuck it in towards me if I feel either side moving out and this seems to do the trick. It has only happened a couple of times.