Alison, Singleton Mummy

​I am afraid I am a bit of a fraud because I am not a twin mummy, just a single baby for me. However, I have a maternity nurse who told me your pillow was still by far and away the best I could get. She was right! Both the midwife and health visitor commented on how great it was and I have suggested it to my whole NCT group. Before I had your pillow I could only feed on one side due to problems with my right breast. I saw lots of people about it before I left hospital but no one could help. All it took was your pillow which gave me enough room and support to start in a slightly unorthodox position. Now we are away and can adopt a more regular approach.
It really gave me so much support in the early days when I had no core strength. I also found that our modern sofas were impossible for me to sit in at first (too low and too deep), so I turned my pillow the other way around and stacked the back support horizontally on top. This makes a sort of sofa shape. I would sit in it this way on our sofa giving me tonnes more support during the times I was not feeding.

Anyway, just wanted to say the pillow is all around brilliant. I hope that by helping us move to 100% breastfeeding it is setting our little one up for life.