Mrs Wood

The peanut and piglet pillow is totally fab. I would not be breast feeding my twins without it (twins 9 weeks old now). 
I recommend buying the pillow and taking it to hospital with you so you can feed them together right from the beginning. 
Breastfeeding required feeding round the clock for me for the first four weeks or so. Without the tandem feeding option one twin would have been left to cry while the other fed. This would have led to me resorting to bottle feeding, which I didn't want to do. So the pillow has enabled me to continue breastfeeding without using a bottle of formula. 
By placing both twins on the cushion every time even if one does not want to feed, both twins can be cuddled continuously which prevents a lot of crying.

Because initially I was feeding them for long hours to build up the milk supply it is important to be comfortable. The pillow provides a firm back support which has prevented back ache and strain. The cushion is high so there is no need to slump to reach the babies, so it's good for posture.  Arms are used to cuddle the babies or hang over the side of the cushion. My arms and shoulders have ached a bit in this high position but it is a better option than slumping your posture or holding a baby in your arms for hours at a time. 

The cover is washable but inevitably gets messy quite quickly. I cover it in muslins at the start of a feed but it might be handy to have a spare. Overall the pillow is great and the envy of my breastfeeding friends!